Narine's abusive wife. A no non-sense woman who hates Santana and will do anything to see him unhappy.




    He is the abused husband of Patsy, battling to find his own identity in a relationship controlled by his spouse. Narine is also a nosy neighbour and a good friend of Santana.




    She was once Janice's best friend, now they are sworn enemies. Why? They both have the "hots" for Santana. Kizzy vows she will get him at any cost.




    The Santana series of shorts begins with the creation of Santana. A notorious village ram who expends most of his time and energy in his stormy relationship with Janice. Santana is a rasta hair styled, leather jacket wearing, fast talker.




    A woman loved by many. An easy going, non-confrontational, caring personality, with mixed emotions about love. She finds herself caught up in a love triangle involving Santana and Pastor Stewart.




    He is the explosive and controversial Pastor, that continually torments the life of Santana. He is of the cloth but human in every respect. This is displayed in his day-to-day struggle to deal with the demons of sexual infidelity, verbal and mental abuse.




    Pastor Stewart's 84yr old, foul mouthed mother. A sweet old lady who loves cooking and younger men. Just like her son, cross her and all hell breaks loose.




    A Trini Chinese man who owns and runs a roti shop.


LEXO TV is a Trinidad and Tobago based film production company that primarily creates innovative puppet film shorts that reflect the diversity of the Caribbean Diaspora. Our Company delivers a series of productions over the Internet that are widely viewed on this website and on our YouTube Channel - RogerA43. These are known as 'The Santana Puppet Series of Shorts'.

The Company comprises a group of talented entertainers who contribute both technically and artistically. We strive to produce and highlight local shorts and in own small way contribute to Trinidad and Tobago's budding film industry.

  • Ian

    Ian Pantin

    Marketing Director

    Founder and principal shareholder of Cecp Ltd. 21st Century Computers Inc. Input Productions, IP Music International Ltd. Co Partner of LEXO TV. Their locations are in Trinidad, Miami and Guyana.

    Ian is also the manager of soca stars Bunji Garlin, Fay-Ann Lyons, Hunter and The Asylum Band.

    In 2011 Ian joined Roger Alexis in partnership at LEXO TV. As Marketing Partner and Executive Producer he brings a keen eye for detail. A visionary and entrepreneur, film is just his next transience for success.

  • Kevin

    Kevin Maturine

    Sound Editor, Mixer and Recordist

    Kevin Maturine is an IT support professional with extensive experience in computer support and maintenance and works in the MIS department for a well known company. Kevin is also self taught in computer based graphic art and sound engineering, and is currently pursuing a degree in Music Technology. Kevin's technical role in the IÕm Santana series is sound editor, mixer and recordist. He is also the voice of the character Narine and occasionally does some puppetry.

  • Sheldon

    Sheldon Buckmire


    Mr. Sheldon Buckmire began his videography career in 2001. Today Mr. Buckmire has no regrets for his choice to "paint with light". Fascinated by the influence of the camera Mr.Buckmire began searching anywhere he could find an interesting story, shot it then carried it to local stations in the hopes they would air them...

    In 2005 Mr. Buckmire joined Director Robert Yao Ramesar on the set of the movie "Sistagod" as an audio/production assistant but it was this three odd months experience on the set that led Mr. Buckmire to appreciate the importance and finesse "light" contributes to a production.

    Hired by CCN TV 6 two years later Mr. Buckmire's credits includes ENG/EFP Productions, Producing Features from script to screen including 'Life in Chatham', 'An Autistic Life' and Raphael's World. Mr. Buckmire has video credits at REUTERS, APTN, FOX NEWS AND CNN. He also covered the Guyana Elections in 2006 followed by Venezuela that same year and St Vincent and the Grenadines in 2008.

    Mr. Buckmire's "LIVE" camera feature includes Morning Edition - "Good Morning Port of Spain" Segment, President Obama's First Official visit to Trinidad, Fox News Press Conference, Live Concerts, Election Coverage and On Location Breaking News.

    In 2009 Mr. Buckmire left CCN TV6 to fulfill a career in Documentary and Filmmaking. As an independent cinematographer Mr. Buckmire's clientele ranges both corporate and commercial. His new resume includes several documentaries on public figures in the likes of David Beckham and Prime Ministers among many others. In 2009 he was the Director of Photography on the Short "Masked Out" written and directed by Eda Kendal.

    In 2010 he partnered with Roger Alexis to assist in the production of the hit Character and YOUTUBE Sensation "Santana" and the Santana series of shorts. His company Buckmire productions is now the main contractor in cinematography for all LEXO TV productions, including the forth-coming movie I'm Santana.

    Buckmire productions C.V also includes a short film "Spirits Reflections", a short narrative produced in 2009.

    The success of Santana amongst his other works is accreditation to Sheldon fulfilling his dream. From here he will continue to build on his company Buckmire productions and continue his strategic alignment with LEXO TV.

  • Roger

    Roger Alexis

    Creator, Writer, Director and Editor

    Roger Alexis is the creator, writer, director and editor of the I'm Santana shorts.

    His interest in film started when he was age 15.

    "A relative had a camcorder, and like most teens, when you get something to play with, you play with it. I wasn't the average teenager. At a young age, I had the foresight to actually put a production together," said the University of the West Indies Film student.

    Roger Alexis career in film, however, began in 2005 when he began producing short films. The following year he entered the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival with a production called Herman Tales, which was later developed into a television series.

    The I'm Santana series was born five years later.

    LEXO TV, which was established in early 2011, is co-owned and co-managed with his business partner Ian Pantin. The company comprises a group of talented and dedicated crew, who contribute to the success of each short and the forth-coming movie both technically and artistically.

  • Michael

    Michael Richards

    Visual Effects

    Phastraq VFX was founded in December 2010 by Michael Richards, who has more than 12 years of experience as a professional graphic artist. Michael has been involved in all forms of art from a very early age. At age six Michael began his career as a calypsonian singing alongside individuals such as Devon Seales, Heather Mc Intosh and Destra Garcia. At age 12 he, along with his mother, began designing kiddies carnival costumes under the name S.L.A.C's & Associates. In 2001 he began working as a graphic artist/typesetter in offset printing at Derrick Multigraphics Ltd. and quickly advanced to learn various bookbinding and printing skills over the next 4 years. After freelancing for a year he joined B & Tees (a.k.a. Native Spirit) T-Shirt manufacturing company and was responsible not only for artwork but also functioned as the inventory clerk and the assistant factory manager. In December of 2004 he co-founded Ville Ventures Films with his friend Ancil Harris where he was the creative director and was responsible for designing and co-ordinatng various animation and video productions. In 2008 He became the lead News Motion Graphic artist for CCN TV6 and was instrumental in the production of many of the stations special reports including "They're Listening", "Hart of the Matter" & "1990" where he gained attention for his cinematic style. He was also responsible for various elements that went into the look of the news itself. With Phastraq VFX, Michael has assembled a team of professionals in the field to work alongside him in creating visuals on an international level.

    Michael and his company Phastrag VFX, is in contract with LEXO TV to bring to you all the visual effects for the Santana series of shorts and the Movie I'm Santana.

  • movie-poster

    I'm Santana - The Movie

    I'm Santana is a comedy/drama based on the popular internet puppet Santana who battles himself and others to cope with the social ills of his community and his love for Janice.

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